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Message from Harvard 2011 Conference co-Chair

Dear NetSAW Members,

It gives me immense pleasure to invite NetSAW members to the India Conference at Harvard Business School and Harvard Kennedy School at a special early bird discounted ticket price of $40 only! This year we are introducing a new India-Watch Speaker Series to showcase the changing dynamics in the Indian landscape, the opportunities for Non-Resident Indians heading home and the tips and tricks for foreigners aspiring to work in India. The Conference will also feature outstanding speakers such as Ajay Banga - CEO of MasterCard, Subrata Roy - Chairman of Sahara Group, Vishal Bali - CEO of Fortis Healthcare. Details can be found at http://www.harvardindiaconference.com/.

You can register for the conference at: http://www.harvardindiaconference.com/registration/.

Kindly spread the word among the NewSAW community about the event. We look forward to hosting all of you at Harvard this year!

This year the conference features:

· Outstanding Speakers including Ajay Banga - President & CEO, MasterCard, Vishal Bali - CEO, Fortis Global Healthcare, Bharti Enterprises; & Subrata Roy- Chairman, Sahara Group

· Exclusive Networking Lunch Opportunity with Icons in Business World and Politics in a more private setting (including top executives from M&M, ZEE, Fortis, Tata and many more)

· Dean Nohria's talk with Dean Sunil Kumar of Chicago Booth and other Industry stalwarts about future of the education in India

· Panelists taking about ‘Hot Opportunity Areas’ (including Healthcare, Entrepreneurship, Green Energy, Social Initiatives, Infrastructure and many more)

· Session on India's Foreign Policies at Harvard Kennedy School with an expert panel on the Future of India – US Relationships

· Special India-Watch Sessions to know more about the opportunities for Non-Resident Indians heading home, and the tips and tricks for the foreigners investing in India


Aatif Ahmed Misbah