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Meet the NetSAW member Who Cares About your Smile

posted Jan 10, 2011, 8:00 PM by netSAW Info   [ updated Jan 10, 2011, 8:32 PM ]

NetSAW Member Spotlight: Shruti Mankad, DMD, Precise Dental

Some questions & answers and advice from Shruti Mankad, a NetSAW member from Shrewsbury



1. Describe what you do and your business in 2-3 sentences.

            I want to introduce myself as the dentist & owner of Precise Dental Care in Shrewsbury, MA. With more than 8 years of experience practicing as a General Dentist in suburban Boston area (and prior to that more than 6 years as general dentist and professor in dental school in India) and expertise in broad range of services, I have established long lasting relationships with many of my satisfied patients. With the goal of availing similar services closer to the home of our local area friends and families and passion for excellence in dental care, I decided to start my own dental clinic from ground up.



2. What was the biggest challenge for you and how did you overcome it?

            The biggest challenge for me was to decide whether to buy into an existing practice as owner/partner or start one up on my own. But with years of experience working as a single active provider in several private practices, I became conversant with all facets of business of dentistry and decision to start my own was the appropriate pick. With a dental clinic startup, I have the flexibility to establish the best in the breed clinical practices, to integrate my dental philosophy focused on desired but affordable dental care, and to develop long lasting relationship with my new patient base as a dentist of choice. Making major investment in facility, equipment and build-out was a daunting task but with commitment from the family and encouraging response from friends and community we are able to pull it through very nicely.


3. How do you maintain the work/life balance?

            We want to offer flexible evening and weekend hours for our patients to address the dental needs of our patients (emergencies or otherwise) in timely and most efficient manner and make their dental treatment as convenient as possible. This also means that we need to make adjustments to our family life and day-to-day routine. But with the flexibility, readiness and commitment of our staff and full support from my family it has been a great experience so far. We now have more expanded family in form all new Precise Dental Care patients. At the end of the day, we feel a sense of achievement and satisfaction when we see our patients walking out with healthy and beautiful smiles and when our 7 year old son can say in public that “At Precise Dental Care our experienced professional staff will take care of your dental needs.”


4. Any advice for the readers that you would like to share or any particular role models that really inspired you?

            My mother was my first and foremost mentor/role model. She completed her under graduate and graduate studies after her marriage, became professor in a well known women’s college and successfully managed work and family life. Since my early childhood, I have always seen her managing all the household chores and socio-economic responsibilities in a timely and efficient manner. She is the real life example of the role of a true mother – lead by example, keep cool in any situation, and handle all the demands with smile on her face and agility in action. My own personal experiences and what I have heard from people close to our family about how my mother handled and successfully overcame hurdles during several stages of her life keep me motivated to work passionately to accomplish my goals, to balance work and family life in this dynamic environment successfully, and provide the encouragement to handle difficult situations.


5. What is your future dream for yourself and your dental practice?

            I want to establish my practice in this area as a preferred family dental clinic by offering quality affordable dental care and utmost patient experience. Aside from dentistry I am also a very active volunteer and coordinator of local area chapter of a volunteer based organization that focuses on mental and physical well being and character building of children of our local communities. I want to utilize my experience as a volunteer and a dentist by engaging in voluntary services to local schools, and senior centers, just to name a few, to make our community more aware of importance of dental hygiene and provide timely guidance. I also want to make myself available for consultation and services to the parents of families of Indian subcontinent, but not limited to just that, who may require immediate attention to several dental issues during their stay in USA. So going forward my dream is to establish this dental clinic as a true family dental clinic focused on health and well being of our communities.